What is the difference between Raw Hair and “Virgin Hair”?

By definition, nothing. In reality, everything. Virgin hair, by definition is supposed to mean hair that has not been processed in anyway, shape or form, hence the term “virgin”. However, this is not the case. Many “virgin” hair manufacturers chemically manipulate the hair to create man-made uniformed curl patterns such as the famous body wave, Italian wave or whatever new wave is on trend. What makes this above processed hair even worse is that to further increase margins manufacturers use fillers (animal hair and synthetic fibres) in the hair.

Whilst also not taking care of the cuticle alignment of the hair – which leads tangles and matting. All the above causes serious damage to hair strand health and reduces the longevity of the hair. So to stretch out the life of the destroyed hair strands, manufacturers coat the hair in silicone layers which is why the hair looks bouncy and shiny when you receive it. After a few washes that silicone layers slowly wash away and reveals the damaged, dry strands beneath.

Raw hair surpasses “virgin hair” in every way. Raw hair is truly unprocessed hair. Women across south-east Asia donate their ponytails to temples for religious purposes. These ponytails are washed, frackled (removal of short hairs within the ponytail), sorted & bulked (similar ponytails matched together to make one full 100g bundle) and wefted. Extreme care is taken throughout the whole process to keep the cuticles aligned, only taking their hair out of its rubber band when ready for wefting.

We receive these wefted ponytails straight from the manufacturer, quality check them, trim the ends, and wash them again before preparing them for shipment to you.
The naturalness of the hair allows the authentic lustre, texture and pattern to show. This hair can be treated like your own hair. With proper treatment this hair can last over 3 years (minimum).

How many bundles do I need?

We suggest 3 bundles for most hair styles. Shorter hair styles (16”> could only need 2 bundles). For really long lengths (>24”) we would recommend 4 bundles, unless being purchased with a frontal.

What different textures do you do?

Our hair ranges from silky straight to medium course. When ordering, please put your texture preference in the comment box so that we can provide you your preference.

Why can’t I pick the wave pattern I want?

One of the traits of raw hair is that each bundle is unique and slightly different. The differences can be the texture, the lustre, the colour or pattern. None of the waves are uniformed (as with your own hair). Therefore, it is quite tricky to find three bundles that are exactly body wave, deep wave or whatever new wave is on trend. We recommend putting your wave pattern preference in the comment box and we will try our best to match your preference.

How many times should I wash the hair?

We suggest washing this hair at least once a week to maintain its healthy shine. You can get away with washing it every two weeks if you do a dry shampoo mid week, and use minimal products in the hair.

What products should I use in the hair?

We quality check each bundle sent out to make sure the hair strands are healthy. That being said, to maintain the health of the strands a good deep condition/ oil treatment every month or so would definitely help. We would suggest increasing this to every couple of weeks if you use a lot of hot tools when styling (straighteners, curlers, blow-dryers etc.). We recommend using moisturising shampoos and conditioners as this replenishes the hair with nutrients that it would have previously gotten from the donor. Clarifying shampoos strip away the natural oils from the hair so we strongly recommend against those.

How long does this hair last?

With proper treatment, 3 years (minimum). The hair is healthy and strong, so there is absolutely no reason this hair won’t last you even more than 3 years. That being said, if you use hot tools every other day, or you’re frequently bleaching and dying the hair, the life span of the hair will decrease (just like with your own hair). Be sure to treat this hair like your own hair. Use heat protectants, deep condition every so often, oil treatments work wonders on this hair. Do the above, and the hairs life span will increase.

How much will I be charged for delivery of my order?

We happily offer free delivery for all orders over £200, and a flat rate of £6.00 for all order below £200.

Do you have more questions?

If we haven't quite answered a question you still have, please feel free to drop us an email at thehairindex@gmail.com and we'll get back to your as soon as possible.