About Us

Welcome to The Hair Index! As two best friends we have been passionate about hair care and hair accessories for over 10 years. Over the years we have spent countless amounts of money, effort and time trying to find good quality hair that lasts. On one occasion too many we have ordered hair that looked great on instagram or youtube, installed the hair, and ended up throwing it away 3 months later, only to start the search process all over again. This ongoing cycle of excitement quickly followed by disappointment is what led to the birth of The Hair Index - at THI we are committed to putting an end to this cycle by providing long lasting unmatchable quality each and every time.

The idea of bringing true Raw hair to the UK has been brewing since 2015. Raw hair is hair that has NOT been processed by steam or chemicals in any way. As it is completely unprocessed and chemical free, it is the most natural, pure, and 100% authentic hair on the market today. We have researched and tested raw hair from a range of different regions and are confident that you will love our product just as much as we do.

We source our hair directly from the temples which allows us to have control over the quality. The cuticles of our hair stay aligned throughout the whole manufacturing process which effectively removes the possibility of tangling and matting. The weft is strong yet flexible allowing for the fold over method to be used easily whilst also ensuring that shedding is minimal. The short strands within each and every bundle are also removed ensuring that the bundle remains full from root to tip. Together, these factors result in the highest quality hair on the market. With proper care and maintenance, our hair will last 3+ years.

We are excited and confident in our raw hair and cannot wait to exceed your expectations. Once you make the switch from virgin hair to raw hair, you too will never look back. We urge you to try it – you will be ecstatic that you did!